Admiral Robert Maletic is described by most as a paragon. He's known to be extremely generous, and very in touch with a higher plane of existance. 

Admiral Robert Maletic

An exemplary member of Starfleet, His list of Accolaides fills up an entire wall on his ship the U.S.S. Explorer.

His first assignment was serving in the Photon Torpedo bay in the U.S.S. Tyson during the Dominion War. From there he served on a few different ships as security detail, Tactical, and eventually, Captain.

He runs a very "By-The-Book" ship, and rarely disreguards protocol except in extreme circumstances when it infringes upon human morals. His statement being that "we joined "Star Fleet", We didn't get our own ship and write our own code, So we must follow "Star Fleet"'s commands"


A few have accused him of folowing the prime directive a bit too closely, but this is the only negative criticisms against him. He found a wife, married, had children, and never lost his ship. It's been refitted on 3 occasions just because he's managed to make it last this long.

One noteable achievement to the Starchaser legacy is seeing potential in a young Jack Starchaser and took him under his wing, giving Jack his first ship assignment. Jack gained multiple ranks on the U.S.S. Explorer, and the two developed a friendship and great respect for one another, parting on good terms with Starchaser became First Officer on the U.S.S. Heartless.

Though he retired to "a desk job" and his ship was stuck in drydock, the breakdown of the Khitomer Accords sent the Admiral out into space again and right into battle. Explorer is currently operating out of Starbase 24 in the Orion sector, and was badly damaged when the Klingons attacked.

Deep Space Tribble

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See The Starchaser Episode , and the Starbase: Deep Space Tribble page for more information

On Stardate 90054.49 (June 12, 2012), Admiral Maletic assumed command of the budding starbase known as Deep Space Tribble. For weeks previous, this starbase had been built simply as an outpost. With his promotion to Fleet Admiral, he finally decided to accept a desk job again. With the Exeter class Explorer aging greatly, It has been decomissioned and many of it's parts have been put directly into Starbase Tribble.

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