Secretly the brother of Hulkster, the two have been on bad terms since their first and final Bat'leth tournament match left beefcake with one working eye.


For a number of years, Beefcake was a known ally of Hulkster in the bat'leth tournaments. It was unknown to the general public that they were brothers.
On the first occasion the two were forced to fight one another, He suffered a major injury which removed him from future competition. Feeling that he was dishonored that his own brother would dis-service him in this manner and not end his life, Beefcake swore to regain his honor by killing Hulk in combat one day.
When it became known that Hulk had joined Starfleet and become stationed on the U.S.S. Starchaser, a ship which Krandok Arantine vowed to destroy, Beefcake found his way aboard I.K.S. Rhade and almost immediately challenged and killed the first officer, taking his place from that point on.




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