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Full Name Bloo
Category Alien
Species Saurian
Birthplace Sauria
Gender Female
Languages Galactic Basic, Bolian
Affiliation Starfleet, Enlisted
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Deflector Control
Current Rank Lieutenant
Gender Female
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"Blubber Jell-o Whoozits Bloozits. Eww!~" A quote from this former Beauty Queen following multiple bottles of Saurian Brandy.


Bloo is beautiful. No really, Bloo was named the most beautiful Female on Sauria 3 times in a row. Bred since birth. As a Result, her parents were very very angry when she left Sauria to join Starfleet.
You see, The thing about bloo... She's a Gorn Fangirl. When the Klingon Empire invaded the Gorn Hedgemony, she was very loud about speaking out against the Klingons.
When she heard that A silly ship called the U.S.S. Starchaser was low on crew and being reassigned to the Klingon Neutral zone, she studied them, researched them, and enacted a plan to get aboard this ship to further find gorn.

Please Hire Me!!

Dear Ms. Starchaser, Mr. Dantastic, and any other people who may approve my recruitment aboard U.S.S. Starchaser.

I am obsessed with Gorn, and will give my weight in Tribbles to join your ship in any position, even if it is limited to Stowaway.

I would even stand on my head if that's the position you so desired. Please, help me in my dream to encounter the Gorn!!

It shouldn't be surprising that this quickly caught her eye, and she was aboard the ship within a week. Following her arrival, she quickly took to the Borg Gorn Rakk and developed a close friendship with him, constantly asking for stories. Despite initial Jealousy at her attempts to woo Rakk's attention, India came to understand join Rakk in thinking of Bloo as sort of a surrogate child. the three enjoy a very close relationship and are often found together, babbling about various past adventures.


  • Deflector Control Engineer on U.S.S. Starchaser
  • Is quite obsessed with, and knowledgeable about the Gorn
  • Is actually a famous Beauty Queen on her home planet

TAC Yoshizuki (co Captain)

ENG Maria (o2 First Officer)


TAC Rahhmi (o3 Nightshift Captain)
TAC Sabah (Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical)
TAC Jacko (Navigator / Operations)
TAC Anneloo (Communications)
MIL Kala (Marine Ops, Starfleet Liason)
TAC Lemec (Armory)
TAC Parker (Warfare Specialist - Explosives)
TAC Thaeus (Warfare Specialist - Heavy Weapons)
S31 Vala (Space Warfare Specialist / Section 31 Liason)

TAC Diebold (Security Chief)
ENG Hulkster (Bridge Security Officer)

CIV Nancy (Chef / Party Planner)
CIV Ethan Noah (Tribble Picker Upper)
CIV Lisa (Intelligence)
TAC Dice (Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief)
CIV Rakk (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI Ludo (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI John Shepard (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
CIV Al Iean (Stowaway)
CIV Melanie (Weapons Systems)


SCI Obemi (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Dantastic (Stellarcartography)
SCI Dima (Stellarcartography)
SCI Camplicated (Hydroponics)
SCI Bart (Energy Shielding Technician)
SCI Faloh (Biochemist)
SCI Chimera (Gravimetrics)
SCI Crenia (Astrometrics)
SCI Parkour (Developmental Lab)
SCI Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
SCI Zenobia (Geologist)

MED Chibimai (Chief Medical Officer)
MED Edgika (Surgeon / Mortician)
MED Selena (Nurse)
MED India (Nurse / Combat Medic)
MED Mitzie (Counsellor)
MED Risri (Teacher)
MED EMH Mk 1 (Doctor / Medic)


ENG Nox (Chief Engineer)
ENG Travis (Flight Controller / Pilot)
ENG Ket'laouren (Transporter Chief)
ENG Rydek (Officer Exchange Program)
ENG Inada (Warp Core Specialist)
ENG Dahlian (Quantum Waveform Engineer)
ENG Retrina (Damage Control / Hazard Team)
ENG Oareea (Tractor Beam Officer)
ENG Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
ENG Bloo (Deflector Control)
ENG Heather (Habitat Controller)

MIL Goulasche (Tactical Mission Ops)
ENG Cammy (Slipstream Propulsion)
MED Eileen Silvers (Chief Medical Officer)
TAC Mr. Brot (Counsellor)
SCI Qel (Assistant To Mr. Brot)

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