Carl duncan

Carl Duncan is actually a Romulan, Not a Vulcan! Though most Fail to note this difference.


Rescued by a Federation cargo ship after Romulus was destroyed, he was left on Earth as the ship's Benzite inhabitants didn't know what to do with him.
Starfleet put him in a school for young boys and attempted to quell his often violent urges. Unable to find a stable Romulan Government to offer him back to, he was raised as an outsider within the Starfleet system.
His isolation tendencies, and specific ridicule from Vulcans in Starfleet caused him to spend much time working on his science skills. He began taking Self-Defense courses to quell an onslaught of bullies, but also to get a better handle on his aggressive tendencies.
He enlisted in Starfleet Academy, gaining high scores and eventually went on to become one of the youngest intentional First Officers in all of Starfleet on the U.S.S. Apocalypse.




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