"Resistance is Cookies. Lower Your Willpower and Prepare to Surrender!"

The Borg are a seemingly unstoppable cyborg race bent on assimilating cultures they do not understand, perceive a threat, or otherwise feel they can learn from.

In the 20th Century, people of Earth sent out a series of Space Probes under the name "Voyager". One such probe, Voyager 6, was given the goal of "Learn all that is learnable". This type of rudimentary coding preached of perpetual expansion, and thus an unlimited repeating goal to a computer mind. This ship moved through the stars, collecting data and telemetry, often recieving additional data downloads and minor enhancements from alien races amused with it's simple purpose. It became a public chalkboard that everyone would write their name on, and add their story to.

The Probe

Early Borg evolved much like humans, experiencing similar drives, ambitions, heartbreak, and illness. All of these things lead to technological cyber-augmentation of their species.
Eventually, their society became completely dependant upon their tech and were unable to function without it, extending their lives to immortality. But as their tech became more prevalent, their humanity wained and their ability to procreate diminished. 
A Child had not been born in ages. While technology was rampant and barely kept these Borg from boredom, they stagnated throughout their daily lives until an object was detected. Upon recovergin this probe known as "voyager 6", they began study of it. With it came a simple instruction: "Learn All That is Learnable"
The Probe's data revealed it's origin, a Planet called Earth, filled with an intelligent, but much less advanced alien species known as Humans. This probe united the Borg population with the purpose of Voyager. They turned their sights on basic interstellar Travel and added much of their own technology to Voyager. Soon after, Voyager chose a name for itself in a grande display of sentience.. that of "V'Ger".
V'Ger had acquired the knowledge of many civilizations, and with the knowledge of the Borg, it prioritized reporting to it's creators. The Borg sent V'Ger to Earth as they began colonizing their local star system and branch out among the stars, finding out that the galaxy is quite a hostile place. With their first ships destroyed by a hostile race, they began attempting to innovate ways to stop this from ever happening again. The Borg began implementing a hive mind approach to their population. This caused a singularity in which technology was able to progress at an astounding rate.
In the next attack, a borg was killed by a Plasma discharge weapon. The Next Borg had experienced this death. Felt this death. In seconds, as the next shot was fired, the hive mind issued a command to the ship's shields to shield the Borg. They immediately had a way to cheat death, and began slaughtering this alien Race. The Borg quickly developed a "shoot first and ask later" approach to new life. Anything designated as hostile would be hunted to extinction. An El Aurian vessel was quick to defend an ally, adding them to the list.
Though immortality in optimal conditions was possible, this war had killed too many. With the Borg unable to procreate, they began abducting prisoners of war and assimilating them technologically, controlling their mind and removing their will. Adding them to the hive mind that they had begun. As they added and experimented, they found they could essentially steal other races knowledge and technology. This was clearly in line with their goal of rapid expansion, and they promptly began conquering the Delta Quadrant.

The Signal

​In the early 24th Century, The Borg received a signal originating in the Earth year 2153 which seemed to be from one of their own. A simple instruction was given: "Proceed to Sector 001. Assimilate Earth." Included in the subspace signal was a series of star charts and partially sent Technological schematics, clearly being cut off. The Borg surmised that this was V'Ger reporting back, and that the humans as well had become hostile as well.
A lone cube was sent toward Earth with the intention of Assimilating the planet and it's inhabitants.

(To Be Continued)

Beta Quadrant

STO Earth (Sol I)
STO Starfleet Academy (Earth Location)
STO Earth Spacedock (2409 / 2411
STO Starbase 39 Sierra (Sierra System)
CBvulcan Vulcan (Vulcan Homeworld)
CBvulcan Rah'inos II (Vulcan Mining Planet)
CBandoria Andoria (Andorian Homeworld)
STO Pahvo (Disco Planet)
CBimperialromulanalliance New Romulus (Romulan Base)
CBborg Vorn (Borg Occupied Planet)
CBklingon Qo'noS / Kronos (Qo'Nos)
CBRisa Risa (Erpist HQ / Troll Central)

Alpha Quadrant

CBbajoran Bajor (Bajoran Terrorist Base)
CBtzenkethi Draconis III (Tzenkethi Occupied Fall Forest)
CBtzenkethi Kentar (Neo Tokyo)

Delta Quadrant

STO Kobali Prime (Kobali Homeworld)

Unknown Location
CBhigaran Kharak (A Homeworld)

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