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Greetings! I'm Commander Dantastic... My Species seems to have a heightened awareness of other dimensions, including one you might be familiar with where our lives are played out in various forms of mass media.

Regardless, there have often been a number of Canononical differences which fully contrast each other, and I am here to explain some discrepency!

Let's look at The holodeck program "The Enterprise D Historical Records", or Star Trek: The Next Generation to some of you...

Commander Data can not can't use contractions!

First you must understand how holodeck programming works... There are several root variations which produce simple speech.

In this case: Human English

The Computer pitch-shifts these, adds various resonance or other modifiers, and produces what you end up hearing. It isn't fully accurate to most species, but for story-telling purposes, it's a lively and rich impression of what was being conveyed. In the case of Data, his "Brother" Lore , and Creator Noonian Soong use almost the exact same vocal modifiers despite that they sounded much different when they were originally experienced, as anyone who has encountered B4 will learn.

For the Episodes where it fit the story, a special code was added to modify Data's speech pattern. while some have suggested that this should have been retroactively added to the character file, Attempts to do things like this generally resulted in other glitches, especially involving the universal translator where-as these individual modifications allowed a contained issue.

It is also for these reasons that the very French sounding captain Picard appears Welsh, though this was more of a creative change as those who knew Jean-Luc often commented that his accent was a bit difficult to understand, and he suggested a welsh accent as he always found them "gloriously sophisticated".

  1. Every Injury, no matter the severity, is handled by CMO Dr. Beverly Crusher in the Primary Operating Ward.
  2. Every Hostile Species and Celebrated Diplomat holds discussion close to the bridge, on Deck 1, in Conference Room 1.

These are often two conundrums, and as you can also find out from other historical records, are often protested as they're Starfleet's way of blatantly changing history. The common reason given for ship-location changes is so that enemy factions will not know the interior layout or operating procedure of the ship's crew.

in many cases, the family of Nurse Ogawa were famously part of the protests that she gain proper credit for many things that the historical documents credited to Dr. Crusher.  Starfleet's end response to this was that Crusher was really more of an archetype-character, encapsulating a fictional character to strive to which was loosely based off of the actual human fulfilling the role. As such, she was more of a representative of the Medical department as a whole than the actual Woman.

In the 2400's, Rahhmi Starchaser famously joined protests about these inaccuracies through the use of Fleetbook and public blogging that she-herself would be portrayed significantly different visually than she actually is.

Common Explanation

The Term "Canon", short for canonical is a completely ludicrous and pathetically stupid concept refering to officially recognized events. circumstances, facts, characters, and storylines within an established franchise.

As frequently mentioned, arguing what "is" or "isn't" canon within the Star Trek Universe is a pathetically stupid idea, as Disney has not yet acquired Star Trek and thus has not dictated what they recognize as canon and what they do not. This stems from their acquisition of the Star Wars franchise, where they delcared that only the movies were canon, and the previously recognized books and more specifically, much better Videogames under the "Force Unleashed" series were no longer considered to be part of the main story. An intelligent person should further move on to consider their own knowledge of the subject to be considered canon, ignoring the parts that they don't like or obvious discrepencies, and only keeping what they hold in their heart.

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On the wiki, this template refers specifically to Characters, places, and other things which exist within the shows or were created by Cryptic Studios for the game Star Trek Online

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