The Three Steps to Command

The Primary role is to facilitate primary ship operations. The Captain is the spearhead of this Division, interpreting orders from Starfleet while overseeing the crew and ship. It is then the First Officer's duty to carry out the will of the captain, and the Second Officer's duty to take command of the ship in downtime and see to elements of the ship that the Captain and First Officer do not have time for.
The Next part of the Command Division is the Chief officers, who oversee many subordinates within their respective division and report to the First Officer as needed. Potential Chief Officers will shadow their respective Chief Officer for on-the-job training.
The Bridge Crew is the final part of the Command Division, essentially training on higher ship operations and observing the Captain at close range so that they may one day command their own Starship. To gain one of these roles, it is usually necessary to attend Command Training classes at Starfleet Academy.
While the official color has been a variant of Green as shown by Captain Kirk's Green tunic, This division is most often represented by Primary Division preference of TacticalScience, or Engineering. On certain starships such as the U.S.S. Starchaser, it is left up to the Captain, First , and Second Officer as to which color they use, even offbrand ones like Purple which Zuki has made use of, or Pink which Rahhmi wore for a while.

Partial List of Command Roles

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