This page represenses the Updated version of Earth Spacedock. In 2414... or 2411 [which further confuses their timeline], or 2014, Cryptic revamped Earth Spacedock to look more like Star Wars. 

Revamped in 2414


Unmentioned but obvious inspiration template for new Earth Spacedock

Although the Crpytic gods are trying to say this happened in the span of 5 minutes at some point in 2411, they updated a rather aged-looking Earth Spacedock to look like a Fan-made Star Wars Personal Theater. A blog detailed that their inspiration was malls and apartment buildings, but the image on the right flat out proves that all details were basically copied 1:1.
That's okay, Star Wars rips off Star Trek all the time, and it's been made known that CERTAIN ENVIRONMENT ARTISTS for Cryptic prefer Star Wars Anyway and don't really like Star Trek, which should explain a lot of things.
The ESD Revamp featured a lot of decent things though. You never had to wonder where you were in the loop as it's much harder to get lost now, but the Club is absolutely dead due to lack of things to do there. it's far more convenient to access the exchange directly and the features that SHOULD be in the club such as Lobi access simply are not present there following the release event. As Food and drink items are totally useless in the game, no one sits around the bar, and sadly most have never even heard of or found out about Desperate Trill because they have no real reason to idle in the Club.
Worse yet, people on max graphics settings are treated to the ugliest sight in-game as Max HDR Settings overwhelm your desire to be present, and Cryptic removed the only way to stop this effect because too many players were enjoying themselves. ESD2414 does however feature some of the best (and basically only) easter eggs in the entire game though, and if the lighting and materials... not to mention characters weren't so bland and lifeless, this place might be a great idle-spot. Sadly, the lighting is pure shit, it's dark & depressing, and most of the npcs are totally useless as no one has a time to enjoy themselves with the constant grind necessary to even function.



SFC Donald K. Trump (POTUFP 2416+)

SFC Annek Okeg (POTUFP -2416)

Earth Spacedock (2409) (2414)

SFC Jorel Quinn (ESD Director)
STO Golos Vell (ESD Transporter Chief)
STO Desperate Trill (Bitchin' Dude)

Starfleet Academy (2409)
STO Boothby (SFA Groundskeeper)
STO Byron Morris (SFA Instructor)

VOY T'Nae (Director of Starbase: 39-Sierra)
STO Rassa Rassa(Starfleet Nurse)
STO PSO (Photonic Security Officer)

Enemy Units
STO Armek (Assimilated Klingon in CGA)
STO Rakk (Assimilated Gorn on Defera)
STO Cletus (Assimilated Redneck)
CBborg Hakeev (Assimilated Wammulan)

Enterprise F (Ship)

SF2409 Va'Kel Shon (Captain)
SF2409 Samuel Winters (First Officer)
SF2409 Savel (Chief Medical Officer)
SF2409 Tem Inasi (Chief Science Officer)
SF2409 Jirelle Kav (Chief of Operations)
SF2409 Kyona (Chief of Tactical/Security)
SF2409 Kirayoshi O'Brien (Chief Engineer)
SF2409 Phillipa Matthias (Counsellor)

Facility 4028 (Facility 4028)

STO Waylon Smithers (Prison Warden)

Historical Figures
DPRK Kim Jong-un (22c Warp Theorist)
UE Zephram Cochrane (22c Warp Theorist)
STO Lance Ogen (Starbase 82 Commander (Former))
STO Rebecca Simmons (Starbase 82)
TOS Joel Randolph (23rd Century Captain)

Dir | List

STO Johnathan Archer (Captain)

Tucker | Malcolm | T'pol | Reed | Hoshi | Phlox | Daniels | Mayweather | Porthos

STE Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

TOS James T Kirk (Captain)

TOS Spock (First Officer / Chief Science Officer)

Yellow Shirts

TOS Hukaru Sulu (Flight Controller)
TOS Pavel Chekov (Ops)

TOS Christopher Pike (Former Captain)
CBvulcan Sarek (Vulcan Ambassador, Spock's Father)

Blue Shirts

TOS 0718 (Science Officer)
TOS Carol Marcus (Science Officer)
TOS Leonard McCoy (Chief Medical Officer)
TOS Christine Chapel (Nurse)

Red Shirts

TOS Montgomery Scotty (Chief Engineer)
TOS Nyota Uhura (Xenolinguistics)
TOS Janice Rand (Yeoman)
TOS Keenser (Engineer)
TOS Greg "Cupcake" Hendorff (Security Chief)

TOS Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

TNG JeanLucPicard (Captain)

TNG William Riker (First Officer)


TNG Data (Second Officer/Ops, Captain 2386-2409)
TNG Elizabeth Shelby (Second Officer)
TNG Worf (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNG Wesley Crusher (Civillian/Acting Ensign)
TNG Ro Laren (Conn)

TNG Beverly Crusher (Chief Medical Officer)
TNG Katherine Pulaski (Doctor/Head Surgeon)
TNG Alyssa Ogawa (Head Nurse)
TNG Emergency Hologram (Hologram)


TNG Geordi La Forge (Chief Engineer)
TNG Reginald Barclay (Diagnostic Engineer)
TNG Miles O'Brien (Transporter Chief)
TNG Taurik (Damage Control Engineer)

TNG Natasha Yar (Tactical/Chief Of Security)
TNGBlue Jorn (Security Officer)


TNG Deanna Troi (Counsellor)
TNG Mendon (Science Officer)
TNGBlue Walker (Science Officer)
TNGBlue Zen (Aquatics)
TNGBlue Zork (Stellarcartography)

CBq Q (Instigator)
TNG Edward Jellico (Former Captain in 2369)
TNG Guinan (Hostess, Ten-Forward lounge)
TNG Lwaxana Troi (Heir to Betazed)
TNG Alexander (Son of Worf)
TNG Mot (Barber)
TNG Lore (Android, and Brother to Data)
TNG Sela (Daughter of Yar)
TNG Gowron (Holder of Picard's Grattitude)
TNG Kahless (Cloned Historic Figure)

TNG Fleet | Ship | Dir | List | WiP

VOY Benjamin Sisko (Commander)

VOY Kira Nerys (First Officer)


VOY Worf (Chief Tactical Officer)


VOY Julian Bashir (Chief Medical Officer)


FEDcamplicated Quark (Entrepeneur)
FEDcamplicated Quark's Bar 
. CBklingon Morn (Trader / Bar Patron)

DS9 Fleet | Terok Nor / Deep Space Nine | USS Defiant | Dir | List

VOY Kathryn Janeway (Captain)

VOY Chakotay (First Officer)


VOY Tuvok (o2 / Chief Tactical Officer)
VOY Tom Paris (Flight Controller)


VOY Harry Kim (Ops Officer)


VOY Emergency Hologram (Hologram)

VOY Fleet | Ship | Dir | List

ORV Ed Mercer (Captain)

ORV Kelly Grayson (First Officer)

ORV Bortus (Second Officer)
ORV Klyden (Bortus' Mate)
ORV Gordon Molloy (Helmsman)
ORV Alara Kitan (Former Chief Security Officer)
ORV Talla Keyali (Chief Security Officer)

ORV John LaMarr (Navigator, Chief Engineer)
ORV Jenny Turco (Engineer)
ORV Claire Finn (Chief Medical Officer)
ORV Yaphit (Engineer)
ORV Dann (Engineer)

ORV Darulio (Great Lover)
ORV Mooska (The Ship's Guinan)
ORV Isaac (Former Science Officer)

Orville Fleet | U.S.S. Orville (ECV-197) | Dir | List


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