"Enlisted" (in this case) means that a Person or Entity has a Job in Starfleet. Other Factions may follow similar patterns, but will have different names. That they have sworn an oath to obey the rules of their designated ship or station, or are otherwise staying on said ship and performing a function. Below are some examples of ship roles, and descriptions of said roles. Every notch means they report to the person above them. It is noteable that the creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, was insistant that all personell on starships be Officers or above.


Often times, a ship will have an overload of duties in one field and a small amount in another. A ship that relies specifically on tactical jobs may have a meager amount of Science officers for example. In these cases, Additional Tactical crew will be assigned to divide up functions.

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Starfleet Chain of command

Depending on circumstance, a ship Captain will recieve general orders from a localized Starfleet Captain, a Fleet Commander, or perhaps directly from Starbase 001 itself. This depends completely on that particular ship's mission. When not in contact with any of these sources, a captain will use their best judgement on how to proceed until contact is re-established.

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● A.K.A. Commanding Officer [Usually at or above the rank of "Captain"]
  • Crew Roster: Oversees Crew Promotion/Demotion, And settles any disputes among crew.
  • Diplomatic Decisions: It is the captain's job to Interpret and comply with Federation legal and diplomatic directives. As such, a Commanding Officer can be called upon to answer for his own actions and the actions of his crew.
  • Captain's Log: All CO's shall maintain accurate records on his or her vessel which should include, but not necessarily be limited to, an up-to-date Ship's Log and Crew Bio File.
  • Recomendations: CO's may also chose to recommend their XO's for Commanding Officer positions.
First Officerlink ● Reports To Captain
● A.K.A. XO, or Executive Officer [Oversees all departments, Authority to give orders to anyone except the Captain.]
  • Duty Assignments: Responsible for delegating work schedules and seeing that all maintenance schedules are kept. evelops and organizes the duty roster.
  • Away Teams: The XO will lead away teams, unless otherwise specified by the Captain.
  • Ship Roster: Oversees transfers on and off the ship, by welcoming a new crew member and providing him/her with all the information and assistance needed to begin the integration process and by sending a transferring officer's information, including if possible his/her last evaluation, to the receiving CO.
  • Disputes: Executive Officers may also settle internal disputes amongst crewmen if the matter is not considered to demand the CO's attention.

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