"With and have du K.S. Liao, And chair das shiney buttarr!"
-Cry of the Warrior mage: Ace / aCe

Humble Beginnings

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Ace (Center), Tobias (left)

The Maletic line can be traced back to the Dark ages on planet Earth around 550 A.D. A Warrior Magician called "Ace" and his brother "Tobias" became famous (or infamous) for amassing a large wealth in the Wasteland known as Ruinen. Their broad array of talents were completely alien to the inhabitants of Ricarten, and signalled an end to a peace so loved.
He became quite well known for having a unique blue-glowing Templar Sword which he would frequently infuse with an electrical charge, or fire. He was known to have direct control and manipulation over fire itself, and could supposedly hurl large balls of fire from his hands at will. Despite amassing a great fortune and fame, Many became jealous of these things and labeled him a heretic, though for the most part he responded to this with sarcasm and mockery, he really preferred to spend most of his days aiding young warriors traveling the wastes.

2 generations later

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The second "aCe"

Inspired by stories from his grandfather (the original Ace), aCe set out around 640 AD to make a name for himself and journeyed across the world. He eventually saved a mining town from demons coming up from the interior of the planet... or so the legend says.
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aCe's merry Band Of Followers... is all Girls?

Earning their respect and praise, he ventured further out to find hero status, gaining new friends. He would one day return to his homeworld to show his grandfather that he too had amassed followers... unfortunately, he was almost a year too late. aCe found himself in a dark place for a very long time, and his wife and child watched helpessly as his self-torment drove him to become more reckless.

Unlikely Cooincidence

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Noxiuz Maletic

For the most part, the future generations of the family were Musicians, Artists, and Circus performers. When War was available, they fought bravely. But it wasn't until a time of relative peace when two descendants from the Maletic family would gain noteariety.
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Dan, From MeetTheTracers

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Dantastic plays guitar, Resembling his ancestor

Around the year 2012, when the world was supposed to end... Noxiuz Maletic was a musical artist in the band Acranymn, while Daniel was a Guitarist and singer for MeetTheTracers. Both boys gained minor fame.
Amusingly enough, This Dan bears a striking resemblance to Commander Dantastic of U.S.S. Starchaser.

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