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Home to a wide variety of strange beings such as ERPists and their less cringy counterpart: Trolls.

In 2410, Starfleet Dental gained ownership of The Drozana Station and maintained it for years, exorcising riff raff as they would appear. Many of these deviants would eventually make a home on Risa, the "Planet of Eternal Pleasure". It is here that these Former Orion Slavegirls who've graduated first in their class at Starfleet Academy and been fast-tracked to Fleet Admiral would sell their bodies for... basically nothing. No really. They don't even charge, and when they do, it's like 20k EC's. Just check their profiles.

Taking themselves as seriously as the RolePlaying Fleet Admirals of Deep Space Nine, Dental would move here full time in 2415 and further clean the area before vacating the premesis and vaccinating themselves in early 2418. While some remnants of the Erpist Culture currently remain, the lack of Dental Technicians has caused the local inhabitants to go mad and attempt to "troll" each other, looking for some meaningful way to stimulate their sad, pathetic existance... unfortunately, this usually means once again mocking the already Tragic Captain Gary Stark.

Everyone else present is either a confused bystander, someone who watches the drama like it's a TV Show, or someone looking to join in... Except durring the Risa Summer Event, in which case tourists from all over the galaxy show up and pollute the atmosphere with talk of Earth Politics, Star Wars, and a strange sub-form of ERP known as Catfishing (see: Meygaan.



Beta Quadrant

STO Earth (Sol I)
STO Starfleet Academy (Earth Location)
STO Earth Spacedock (2409 / 2411
STO Starbase 39 Sierra (Sierra System)
CBvulcan Vulcan (Vulcan Homeworld)
CBvulcan Rah'inos II (Vulcan Mining Planet)
CBandoria Andoria (Andorian Homeworld)
STO Pahvo (Disco Planet)
CBimperialromulanalliance New Romulus (Romulan Base)
CBborg Vorn (Borg Occupied Planet)
CBklingon Qo'noS / Kronos (Qo'Nos)
CBRisa Risa (Erpist HQ / Troll Central)

Alpha Quadrant

CBbajoran Bajor (Bajoran Terrorist Base)
CBtzenkethi Draconis III (Tzenkethi Occupied Fall Forest)
CBtzenkethi Kentar (Neo Tokyo)

Delta Quadrant

STO Kobali Prime (Kobali Homeworld)

Unknown Location
CBhigaran Kharak (A Homeworld)

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United Federation Of Planets / Starfleet

Crossfield Class Science Vanguard
Constitution Class Cruiser
Exploration Cruiser (Galaxy | Celestial | Envoy | Venture Monarch)

Allied Klingon Defense Force

Klingon Negh Var
Klingon d7

Largely Unbiased Proto-Combatants
Ferengi D'Kora Maurauder
Ferengi Nagus Maurauder
Voth Palasade

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Official Events

Winter Event (q's winter wonderland)
First Contact Day (montana)
Summer Event (risa)

Player Events

CBDental Spock's Memorial Giveaway (Vulcan)

One-Time Things

CBDental Week Of Disco (August 2015)

Other Stuff
NOP Public Service

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Federation Allied

STO ussStarchaser (Multimedia / RP Fleet)
STO ussEnterprise (TNG RP)
STO Starfleet Dental (Goon Fleet)

Klingon Defense Force

KDF Nerds Of Prey (Goon Fleet)

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