The U.S.S. Arrognace NCC-93420-N is a highly modified Armitage Class Heavy Escort Carrier.



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Ships Information


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This highly evolved Armitage class ship has underwent massive changes sinces it's release in 2410, Captain Errant and his Crew have evolved the ship with the use of Designs by the crew and the use Borg technology inspired warp. Designed to carry Peregrine fighters, Captain Errant was just not happy with that and recruited a long time friend, Yucni from the Academy to come aboard with her Squadron of Advanced Delta Flyers, now with a group of Advanced Peregrines and Advanced Delta Flyers. Under Yucni's years of experience as a fighter pilot the Squadrons were quickly assembled and trained to not only carry out fighter sorties, but to also double as pilots for the shuttles that would carry out Anthi's Rapid Envelopment.
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Noteable Information

Starfleet Special Operations Group
The U.S.S. Arrogance is a lead ship on the Front lines of the Neutral Zone in the war against the Klingon Empire, though Commended by Commander Anthi while stationed as First Officer of Starbase Omega, the ships is backed by the entire Fleets tactical ships and cruisers.
Borg Research Technology
The Crew of the Arrogance have become experts in Borg Salvage, at the end of each engagement salvage crews are sent aboard destroyed Borg vessels to recover both salvaged ship parts and damaged or destroyed drones, in an effort to find further technology usable by the Federation as well for possible advancements in vision technology for the Captain.
Hangar Bay
The Arrogance is outfitted with a wing Advanced Delta Flyers known as Dragon Squadron. As a secondary, one cargo bay was converted in to an Advanced Peregrine Station, with the capacity for quick movement of the Peregrines to the Hangar bay as a secondary team.

Engineering Prototype Technology

Vector Warp Plasma Injectors
The U.S.S. Arrogance acts as a laboratory under the guidance of Captain Errant in the research and development of Vector Warp Plasma injectors. His goal is to bring the effieciency of warp to a new era allowing ships such as the Defiant class and the Vigilant class ships equipped with cloaking technology to travel at warp speeds with little or no Tachyon emissions, essentially making them completely untraceable by modern sensor scans even at warp speeds.
Prototype A Escort Class
The Crew of the Arrogance designed and have begun construction at Starbase Omega shipyard of an advanced version of the Vigilant Class Escort, though it's design is cutting edge, with new ideas pertaining to the nacelles swept back delta wing design and improved ram scoops, it is possible that combined with the Vector Warp technology, that the Federation could achieve its own Advanced Battle Cloaking technology to rival that of the Klingon B'Rel Bird of Prey.
Racing Team
Dragon Squadron have been racing the Galaxy for years and are now backed by the crew of the Arrogance. With Yucni at the Helm, the team intends on racing for the cup in the years to come.

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TAC Carpilio Errant (Captain)

SCI Anthi Edsavi (First Officer)
SCI Gaia (First Officer)


TAC Adria (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Zenon (Tactical Officer)
TAC Delio (Tactical Team Leader)
TAC Eldac (Security Officer)
TAC Omir'Clan (Crewman)
TAC Jalil (Fighter Pilot)


SCI Jodan_Noro (Counsellor)
SCI 9 of 16 (Astrometrics)


ENG Charles Groves (Chief Engineer)
ENG Yedsead Remiffid (Chief of Ops)
ENG Mira Errant (Civillian)

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TAC Rahhmi (co Acting Captain)

ENG Maria (o2 First Officer)


TAC Rahhmi (o2 Nightshift Captain)
TAC Sabah (o3 Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical)
TAC Jacko (Navigator / Operations)
TAC Anneloo (Communications)
MIL Kala (Marine Ops, Starfleet Liason)
TAC Lemec (Armory)
TAC Parker (Warfare Specialist - Explosives)

TAC Diebold (Security Chief)
ENG Hulkster (Bridge Security Officer)
SCI Bcott (Quartermaster)

CIV Nancy (Chef / Party Planner)
CIV Ethan Noah (Tribble Picker Upper)
CIV Lisa (Intelligence)
TAC Dice (Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief)
CIV Rakk (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI Ludo (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI John Shepard (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
CIV Al Iean (Stowaway)
CIV Melanie (Weapons Systems)


SCI Dantastic (Holographics)
SCI Dima (Stellarcartography)
SCI Camplicated (Hydroponics)
SCI Bart (Energy Shielding Technician)
SCI Faloh (Biochemist)
SCI Chimera (Gravimetrics)
SCI Crenia (Astrometrics)
SCI Parkour (Developmental Lab)
SCI Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
SCI Zenobia (Geologist)

MED Chibimai (Chief Medical Officer)
MED Edgika (Surgeon / Mortician)
MED Selena (Nurse)
MED India (Nurse / Combat Medic)
MED Mitzie (Counsellor)
MED Risri (Teacher)
MED EMH Mk 1 (Doctor / Medic)


ENG Nox (Chief Engineer)
ENG Travis (Flight Controller / Pilot)
ENG Ket'laouren (Transporter Chief)
ENG Inada (Warp Core Specialist)
ENG Dahlian (Quantum Waveform Engineer)
ENG Retrina (Damage Control / Hazard Team)
ENG Oareea (Tractor Beam Officer)
ENG Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
ENG Bloo (Deflector Control)

TAC Yoshizuki (Former co Captain)
SCI Obemi (Former Chief Science Officer)
MIL Goulasche (Tactical Mission Ops)
ENG Cammy (Slipstream Propulsion)
MED Eileen Silvers (Chief Medical Officer)
S31 Vala (Space Warfare Specialist / Section 31 Liason)
TAC Thaeus (Warfare Specialist - Heavy Weapons)
TAC Mr. Brot (Counsellor)
SCI Qel (Assistant To Mr. Brot)
ENG Heather (Alt Dimension: Habitat Controller)

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TAC Ethan Richardson Fearless Leader (Captain)

SCI Stock First Officer - Broker (Dilithium Market)


TAC Kressoan Tripwire (Chief Tactical Officer)
TAC Makeda Security Chief
TAC Sortae Arms Dealer (Armory Chief)
TAC Bilsphemi Tactical Ops


SCI Paria Head Blueshirt (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Marsha Mapster (Astrometrics)
SCI Zrek Spacecase (Stellarcartography)


ENG Whatley Fix-It Guy (Systems Engineer)
MED Talea Chief Medical Officer
MED StrawBillie Lost In Space (Counsellor)

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TAC Yoshizuki Captain

TAC Thrysis Zhyl First Officer


TAC Duriene Tactical Officer
TAC Nok Tactical Officer
TAC Akkopi First Officer


SCI Meryll Chief Medical Officer
SCI Obemi Chief Science Officer
SCI Autumn Science Officer
SCI Noel Science Officer
SCI Kada Science Officer
SCI Romeo Science Officer


ENG Sammy Topperwein Chief Engineer
ENG T'Penne Operations
ENG Andree Engineer

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