From the perspective of a fictional television show, Starchaser is a Starsock spin-off based on many popular characters added during Starsock's Season 2 with the premise "What would they do without Ethan Richardson?". Evolving this concept, Captain Rahhmi leads her ship through boredom as they make the galaxy their own, spreading tribbles and frustrating many a universal translator.

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A New adventure begins as many Starsock Crew members take on their new assignments on U.S.S. Starchaser, An Assault cruiser, who's primary function is small craft neutralization. After An Admiral pulls some strings to get his daughter's put on Easy Street in Romulan territory, starts them running black ops against a reformed...

EpSC 01x01 ChasingStars

EpSC 01x02 MissionToRisa

EpSC 01x03 CarrotPatrols

EpSC 01x04 Housecall

EpSC 01x05 Sierra

EpSC 01x06 Incursion

EpSC 01x07 Vault

EpSC 01x08 FreeziePops

EpSC 01x09 CuttingCheese

EpSC 01x10 Romulation

The action gets a heavy upgrade as a Time-Travelling Starchaser is re-purposed into a carrier, Upgraded with Borg Technology, and reassigned to the Klingon Neutral Zone.

Recruit - Anneloo decides what to do with "Bad Stuff" while on her way to becoming the ship's new "Hoshi".

Awesometastic - 
Wolf 359
Freezie Pops
Home Sweet 2800
Facility 4028


Star Wreck
Til Death Do Us Part
The Romulan Incident
Qo'NoS Predator
Enda Ganalda

A whole NEW Starchaser is born as a legit Tactical Carrier! Stationed to the New Starbase Tribble, But a New Captain might take a little getting used to...


Carrier Out My Orders
Based On Klingons
Trading Post
Resistance Temptation
Reflection Refracted
Deep Space Tribble
90230-02 Starchaser Kills Klingons


The Future is NOW!
Silence Of The Brot
From Scratch
Friendly Rivalry
Calling Card
Let's Go Lego


After Yesterday's Enterprise, The Alternate Enterprise-D send Enterprise-C through the rift to die at the hands of Romulans. A More recent Tholian Interception of this event created Temporal Ambassador and as a result, the Enterprise-C was repaired more than it should have been. Fighting "just a Bit Longer", It managed to kill an ancestor of Rahhmi and Jack Starchaser, resulting in their never being born. Flash Forward to now, where the Starchaser crew becomes aware of this fact.

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A Variety of Time Discrepencies appear throughout the ship regarding the Maletic Family. Sometimes they exist completely, and other times they never did at all. The Crew nearly goes insane trying to deal with this as Dantastic realizes he must destroy his life to save theirs.

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