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The Vulcans, also known as Vulcanians, are a humanoid species native to the planet Vulcan. They are one of the founding species of the United Federation of Planets, widely known for their distinctive pointed ears and eyebrows, and their merciless logic.
There may have been numerous transitions within the Vulcan government which has shifted between the Vulcan High Command to the Confederacy of Vulcan. Part of their territory is known as the Vulcan Colonial Protectorate.

Star Trek Online Description

Known for their logical minds and stoicism, Vulcans were once a violent and emotional race who waged war against one another for centuries. The violence threatened the survival of their species, until, inspired by the example of the philosopher Surak, the Vulcans rejected emotion and vowed to follow an ethical system based on pure logic.

Regarding Starchaser

There aren't very many vulcans around, though the few that fit in well with Starchaser have generally rejected vulcan teachings and either present a polar opposite humorous or violent attitude. Most traditional Vulcans that encounter the Starchaser crew find them irritating and almost repulsive. As a result, they make it a point to rarely meet.


  • Planet of origin: Vulcan
  • Affiliation: Federation
  • Warp capable: 320 AD
  • Borg Designation: Species 3259
  • Classification: mammalian humanoid
  • Environmental requirements: warm Class M conditions
  • Typical lifespan: 200 years
  • Sexes: male, female
  • Telepathic abilities: touch telepathic
  • Blood Coloration: green (copper-based)
  • Distinctive Features:
  • pointed ears and eyebrows
  • Racial Sub-divisions:
  • varied skin and eye coloration

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