90122.19 Cletus Of Borg

Cletus is a self'described "good ol'boy redneck". He saw space as the next great adventure and had every intention of making it his own!


Growing up on a farm in Arkansas, Cletus stared at the skies and looked through a telescope watching the ships docking with the starbase. These lights in the sky dazzled his imagination and drove him to blow things up at every science fair.

Despite lacking the mental aptitude for most higher conversation, his calm friendly demeanor and casual sense of humor gained him the right friends, and with some tutoring he made his way through Starfleet Academy.

Cletus happened to recognize Rahhmi's rank insignia and "Practically Begged" to do any assignment, anywhere, as long as he could get a chance to see the stores. Despite several Implied "Sure, Why Nawt's?", he continued begging not realizing that her initial answer was a serious one as he hadn't had much luck with this tactic previously. Most starfleet captains thought him "too dumb" to be on their ship, and one even commented that he might "throw a chicken bone in the warp core".

Rahhmi chose to have him beamed directly to the bridge where he looked at the Starchaser's view screen and picked her up in a giant loving hug before proceeding to jump around and spin, still holding her. Lack of warning Hulkster about this almost caused him to pull a phaser, if not for Sabah stopping him due to Rahhmi's rather constant giggling.

Cletus Of Borg

During the Impossiborg mission, Cletus was fully assimilated along with varios other crew members. Eventually he was disconnected from the collective and re-integrated with the crew. Among noted changes, he was now quite Adept at his job, and very visually different, but his personality was largely unchanged. His mental thought processes seemed drastically increased as well. Describing his changes as "spiffy", he chose to keep his borg "enhancements" as "all [he] really needs from life is to explore the stars anyway."