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Always having been facinated with human science history, Galeighan strove hard to not only master the sciences of his planet but that of earths, always beleiving that is can be used for the betterment of culture and life. Having gone as far as he can influencing his planet as a scolar he felt driven to help others in a more expansive manner. There for he joined starfleet and continues to strive for exelence.
In Star Fleet he continued to exceed and flourish in the science field. Even showed considerable promise for command in tactical sittuations, After working under a few captains, and working his way up through rank he was even offered command of a few Tactical ships, all of wich he passed up.
He had his sights on a particular type of science vessel. At last one day he was offered the chance he had hoped for. Command of the U.S.S. Tyco Breha . A science vessel that was designed for long range and capable of serveral different types of science mission and refits neccesarry for such.
For years his record was exemplary. He was however known for being a bit annoying back at command for his persistance in missions that command felt could be closed at various points fo their investigations, and some of wich ended up finding higher rank memebers of command acting agains the welfare of the federation. Others were plots from other factions ploting against the federation. Then there was his tendancy for drafting the best engineers in StarFleet he could get his hands on.
However their talents were not wasted. Evidence of this showed in how he managed to bring his ship back from countless engagments that any other ship even heavy tactical ships would avoid for fear of defeat. But over time he caught the eye of not just special intelligence in Starfleet but of the Klingon High command and of Romula Intel. He bagan finding him self on missions taking him deeper and deeper into the territories of Klingon and Romulan space.
It seemed that the orders were not just Federation in Nature either, but from the other two Governments as well. The missions became stranger and stranger over time as well. It seemed that there was a level of cooperation between the three factions that was or superseeded the war that was tearing appart the known galaxy.





. Player-Created Character

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Klingon Defense Force

CBklingon Kahless Cloned Emperor
CBborg Armek CGE Boss
CBborg Manus IGE Boss
. KDF Tso'Bak, Son of QUAR KARGH
. KDF Quar Kargh, Son of KIL RATH
. KDF Kil'Rath, Son of mEk'lRgHk
.KDF Rilla (KDF Mercenary)

I.K.S. Rhade (Ship Page)
CBklingon kRan'DoK aRuunTin Captain
. ENG Beefcake First Mate

. Player-Created Character
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Romulan Factions

Imperial Romulan Star Empire (Organization Page)
Tal Shiar (Organization Page)
CBtalshiar Hakeev Colonel, Intelligence
Romulan Republic (Organization Page)

. Player-Created Character
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Vershiz Navire Bioship (Ship Page)
ENG Valerius Captain


D.V. Victory-222
CBDominion Kurso'Talan Chosen First

Q Continuum

CBq Q Omnipotent Being(s)