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Jack Starchaser is a decorated war hero from an era long ago. He's done his time and paid his dues. Now, He's one of the essential leaders of the current war scenario.


Heading up a good chunk of the Klingon Border, Starchaser commands the U.S.S. Equinox and a Dozen other ships that follow it.

Jack joined starfleet at 15, as during his childhood he was greatly interested in and inspired by the exploits of Captain Sulu and the U.S.S. Excelsior. With the exception of some Vulcans and other species who actually served on the ship, he's one of the greatest living historians on the topic, has has developed the sleuth-like ability to acquire information about a ship, even some things that should be kept secret.

Among his connections, his record and dissertations caught the eye of then-Captain Robert Waigand who took jack under his wing and offered him continued positions on U.S.S. Explorer.

Jack met the love of his life in a bartender named Anita working aboard Explorer and the two married. In 2396 when he found out he was going to be a father, Jack decided he needed to move up in the world and following a letter of recomendation from Adm. Waigand, he took a job as first officer on U.S.S. Heartless at the beginning of the following year and soon after, his wife Anita gave birth to a Daughter named Rahhmi who was named after Ra the god of Sun.

2402: Swept Under The Rug

Things on the U.S.S. Heartless were a bit different leading up to 2402. Jack's new role demanded significantly more of his time and Heartless was far more active a ship than the comparitively relaxed presence of Explorer, and Anita spent much of her time chasing the rather inquisitive Rahhmi and had just given birth to her baby brother Jacko.

While responding to a gorn distress call, Heartless was ambushed by a group of Klingon ships and badly damaged. After Klingon Raiders boarded the ship, Jack prepared to take a security team to fight them and also to collect his family, but a deadly Har'Pengh torpedo ripped into the bridge, killing everyone on it including the captain. A Damage report informed Jack that he was now acting Captain and he made the decision to re-route to the battle bridge instead of his family... a decision he would later regret.

Jack took over ship's controls, continuing to fight the klingons, and had his security team melt the doors so that they could not be used by Klingons. Choosing a full retreat, the Heartless made a break for Drozana Station. With internal communication down, Jack and his crew set the ship on auto-pilot as soon as they re-entered the neutral zone leaving only two people, one of whom was his future first officer Alleoura , to guard the bridge.

As he would find out, his wife Anita was found killed in her quarters while holding a phaser rifle, likely trying to protect his daughter Rahhmi from a Klingon boarding party. that daughter was nowhere to be found. His new son Jacko was kept safe in the sick bay maternity ward which the Klingons didn't make it too.

Compensation Indeed


Jack's orders were to return to K-7 with the Heartless and it's crew. Lacking any federation ships, and with the one he had too badly damaged, he had no choice but to hold off the search for his daughter. He arrived to find the now-Admiral Waigand waiting for him. Waigand had appealed to Starfleet to allow U.S.S. Explorer to enter Klingon space on a search for the missing Daughter. They waited for 72 hours and in an intoxicated state, Jack's second son Travis was concieved.

A private communication from UFP President Aennik Okeg expressed severe condolences toward Jack, and regretted that Starfleet's acknowledgement of the skirmish would only manage to weaken the Khitomer Accords. The incident was being covered up, and nothing would change that.

"Hear me out, Captain... There are rumors that the Klingons are enacting a blockade on the Gorn home world. This is bad news for the Federation... Admiral Waigand speaks highly of you, and it is on his recommendation that I have approved your promotion to Admiral. Although we cannot take a war to the Klingons, it appears we CAN send a warship to oversee that their Gorn blockade is in keeping with our agreements. You, and the crew of U.S.S. Heartless will return with Admiral Waigand to starbase 24 where you will take command of an experimental ship that's just cleared drydock, the U.S.S. Equinox . It's equipped with some... new tech. Although I cannot allow you to search for your daughter, I don't think it would hurt for you to scan around... if you catch my drift."

Jack Starchaser took Command of U.S.S. Equinox 3 days later and warped to Omega Leonis.

Time Heals All Wounds

90291-54 pjem 13

It was February of 2404, a Cloaked Equinox and a Cloaked Klingon Bird Of Pray played tag with each-other while investigating a temporal rift in the Eridon Nebula. This rift sent both ships back through time to the era of James T. Kirk in the year 2268. A nearby starfleet ship hailed the suspicious Klingon ship as well as the Equinox somewhere in the Celes Sector.

Sure that this was the first wing of a Klingon invasion fleet, the Starfleet ship returned fire on the Bird Of Prey, destroying it. Equinox decloaked and fired on the remnents of the Klingon ship to save anyone from salvaging advanced technology. Jack tried to subtly explain to the captain that he was a man out of time when an ensign on the ship who was staring at the viewscreen cried out "Dad!!!???!?"

After a brief visit to this older Starship, it was decided that Rahhmi would return with Jack to her own timeline. she also further assured him that at this point, she's not even in the same dimension, let alone the same sector that he's searching in. Jack reluctantly decided to let time play it's course, knowing that she will survive.

Upon returning to it's own time, U.S.S. Equinox returned to Earth, and Jack spent almost a month getting to know his 3 children all over again. He also traded a few subspace messages with Adm. Waigand about finding his daughter, and being out of time. The two would not meet again until Rahhmi's Starfleet graduation where the Admiral would be revealed as the grandfather of Rahhmi's suitor.

Looking Out For Loved Ones

When his Daughter completed her days at Starfleet Academy, He got in touch with his former Tactical Officer Ethan Richardson who then Commanded the U.S.S. Starsock and asked that Ethan take Rahhmi under his wing and keep an eye on her.

Soon after the war broke out, and largely because she excelled in her duties, Jack became aware that starfleet had approved her becoming promoted to Captain of U.S.S. Starchaser, a ship named after him. Not only that, but his two other children were made part of her bridge crew.

Despite it's misuse, he pulled a few old favors to get them stationed in the Romulan Neutral zone where the threat was minimal, though this "busy-work" would hardly contain them for long.

Searching For Starchaser

Screenshot 2012-06-23-15-41-55 1
In The Foundry Mission "Risa", Jack is the main character you interact with through most of it, piecing together the clues to Starchaser's destruction.

These events are mirroed in-character at the end of Starchaser's Season 1 when it is destroyed. Jack seemed to have a mental breakdown of sorts as he pursued every lead he could find as to the Starchaser's whereabouts. Among other things, he blamed the few members who had fled the battle on the Turn Of Fate, including Fen, who he even accused of plotting to destroy the ship as part of his attempts to take over the Romulan Empire.

lead by holodeck anomaly Dima, Jack managed to find the wreckage of Starchaser, but no sign of the crew. He was at the height of his depression when a signal from the other side of the universe revealed that the crew was alive and intact. Jack has since begged Fen for forgiveness, and the two have become allies.



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