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Full Name Ket'laouren
Category Alien
Species Subanorg
Gender Male
Languages English, Galactic Basic
Affiliation Starfleet, Enlisted
Station U.S.S. Starchaser
Role Transporter Chief
Current Rank Lieutenant
Gender Male
Highest Rank Lieutenant
Damamge Type Phaser
Marital Single


If you enter the Transporter room and hear unexpected 70's Scifi Sounds, don't worry. Ket'Laouren thinks it's the best music humans have produced!

The Wren

Ket'Laouren was overjoyed at being accepted to starfleet academy, though quite bothered when he found that his peers had trouble understanding his verbal skills. Despite having improved a bit over time, many don't get his very pointed gung-ho attitude.
"This is my project. This is my project to finish! I must finish my project quickly and efficiently and ignore all distractions. Prioritize everything. Yes! Let's Go! I'm gonna go my way."
Oddly, Rahhmi found him irrisistably adorable when they encountered eachother and had to recruit him along on the ship. He and Dantastic have a running gag claiming that they're cousins, though Rahhmi rolls her eyes at this assuming that they're simply teasing her..


  • Warp Theorist / Transporter Officer on U.S.S. Starchaser
  • Nicknamed "The Wren" by Dantastic after a human known to have escaped seven major prisons, and eventually locked in a cube where he met his demise
  • Originally, Inada and Ket'laouren were nameless Engineering population in the Foundry mission, however something about their look moved them to gain names, and Wikia has given them personalities
  • Due to an accident where the shuttle he was on crashed, The Wren lost his left leg. He currently uses an artificial prosthetic.

TAC Yoshizuki (co Captain)

ENG Maria (o2 First Officer)


TAC Rahhmi (o3 Nightshift Captain)
TAC Sabah (Chief Tactical / Mission Ops Tactical)
TAC Jacko (Navigator / Operations)
TAC Anneloo (Communications)
MIL Kala (Marine Ops, Starfleet Liason)
TAC Lemec (Armory)
TAC Parker (Warfare Specialist - Explosives)
TAC Thaeus (Warfare Specialist - Heavy Weapons)
S31 Vala (Space Warfare Specialist / Section 31 Liason)

TAC Diebold (Security Chief)
ENG Hulkster (Bridge Security Officer)

CIV Nancy (Chef / Party Planner)
CIV Ethan Noah (Tribble Picker Upper)
CIV Lisa (Intelligence)
TAC Dice (Cargo Bay Chief, Flight Chief)
CIV Rakk (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI Ludo (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
SCI John Shepard (Cargo Bay / Fighter Pilot)
CIV Al Iean (Stowaway)
CIV Melanie (Weapons Systems)


SCI Obemi (Chief Science Officer)
SCI Dantastic (Stellarcartography)
SCI Dima (Stellarcartography)
SCI Camplicated (Hydroponics)
SCI Bart (Energy Shielding Technician)
SCI Faloh (Biochemist)
SCI Chimera (Gravimetrics)
SCI Crenia (Astrometrics)
SCI Parkour (Developmental Lab)
SCI Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
SCI Zenobia (Geologist)

MED Chibimai (Chief Medical Officer)
MED Edgika (Surgeon / Mortician)
MED Selena (Nurse)
MED India (Nurse / Combat Medic)
MED Mitzie (Counsellor)
MED Risri (Teacher)
MED EMH Mk 1 (Doctor / Medic)


ENG Nox (Chief Engineer)
ENG Travis (Flight Controller / Pilot)
ENG Ket'laouren (Transporter Chief)
ENG Rydek (Officer Exchange Program)
ENG Inada (Warp Core Specialist)
ENG Dahlian (Quantum Waveform Engineer)
ENG Retrina (Damage Control / Hazard Team)
ENG Oareea (Tractor Beam Officer)
ENG Pekglem (Robotics Engineer)
ENG Bloo (Deflector Control)
ENG Heather (Habitat Controller)

MIL Goulasche (Tactical Mission Ops)
ENG Cammy (Slipstream Propulsion)
MED Eileen Silvers (Chief Medical Officer)
TAC Mr. Brot (Counsellor)
SCI Qel (Assistant To Mr. Brot)

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