Leeroy (2)

Leeroy B. Jenkins

Leeroy is the redshirt that dies in every mission, regardless of it's danger. Luckily, and shockingly, he has an infinite amount of lives.

He always rushes the plan and is eager for combat... and explosions. Though Commanding is own ship (usually stationed in the Gamma Orionis Sector or Beta Ursea sector) he is part of the daring crew of Starchaser.

His ship, U.S.S. Independence-H , an Odessey Class Tactical Cruiser, has recieved many upgrades over the past few months: Including a multi-vectoral assault algorithim (although only one section may be used at a time), Mk XII Anti-Proton beam arrays (specifically designed to combat the Borg), and a new paint-scheme.

He and his ship were assigned to lead up a task-force designed to openly seek out and destroy enemy forces. After the project fell-apart, Leeroy was re-assigned to the Starchaser crew. Unexperienced at being a menial, he rushes into combat thinking he can take on the world, but then needs a rescue from the rest of the crew.

He is waiting (impatiently if he might add) for a new job aboard ship besides the poor unsuspecting red-shirt, as this causes too much paperwork for Rahhmi and Dantastic .

Leeroy shows a certain affinity for archaic music from the 1940s and 1950s from the USA. It is broadcast around his ship to give the crew a calm feeling in situations that could otherwise go bad. however when the ship goes to Red Alert the computer system changes it to another form of music called 'Dubstep'. It keeps the crew active and focused while subconciously making them work faster.



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