Rahi'Nos II, as viewed from It's orbiting space station

Rahi'nos I and II are a pair of planets that rotate around one-another. a figure 8 shaped debris ring surrounds both of them.

Romulan Occupation

Rahi'nos II is a planet On the lower border of the Onias sector and home to many post-warp tribal groups. For the most part they don't make use of modern technology and prefer to live like natives though many of the groups have a sect reminiscent of priests who keep up to date on technology, and help in times of need.

Because the planet has no primary established society, Many are allowed to live freely in a life that suits them with no major war necessary. The various groups freely trade with alien species. The Vulcans at one point held a claim on the Rahi'nos system until 2362,when the Romulans began expanding their territories and took over control of Rahi'nos and it's space stations until the Hobus Supernova in 2387 when all Romulan forces retreated.


  • Homeworld of El Sabah Narrf
  • Occupied by Romulans from 2362 ~ 2387
  • Rahi'Nos II also often refers to a rather large space station that the romulans used as a staging point against the Klingons.