Recently Captain Socratain was Ordered to the boarder of Klingon Space where he and his First officer, Nyoxasi, a Vulcan Ambasador, and a former head of education at the Vulcan Science Acadamy, are to meet with a Klingon Deligation of Klingon to discuss possible re-establishment of peacful relations with the federation! Apon ariving at the Starbase, know as Starbase Tribble, Captain Socratain found him self reunited with his sudden and thought lost love Cammy, as well as many others from the Starchaser Crew. The Starchaser was also docked at the base. However the Starchaser seemed to be running on low power, if any crew funtion at all as well. After ariving and being debreifed at the station, he learns from Admiral Maletic that Captain Rahhmi and Dantastic have resigned their commissions, Leaving the Starchaser with out a commanding officer. Further the Admiral informed Socratian that these negotiations are going to be very difficult, considering that the Klingons are not coming here willingly to talk, and that we were just informed of certain shipments of Tribbles, are to claim this station as a home for the same purposes that they were used for the Starchaser. However the talks are in 12 days. So take some time to relaxe and get settled in, since as of this moment, the Tyco Breha E is being reasigned to the station for wet dock as a Task force starship heading up the new fleet that is exclusive to Starbase Tribble. Given the Tyco Breha's history in combate, crew included, as well as the other ships to be named later. The Admiral felt there would be no better fit to the ship and crew's skills, then to be a part of a small group, however considered a large line in border defence.


While taking his time to relax, if you could call it that. He and Cammy wasted no time getting to know each other better. They even got married very quickly. It seemed the only option, given how not just them, but how others felt they were quite the match. Despite some of the Starchasers crew being floored that she actualy found some one she would even consider liking. Let alone getting married. During the last few days of their time off, they honeymooned to earth where He met Cammy's parents, then a fast return to the station.


The time came for the klingon Deligation to visit the station. When they arrived they De Cloaked with one Negh'var and two Raptor class attack ships. The Deligates were beamed over just after signaling they were prepared. Once on the station the air thickend to the point of being almost a wall of deafening silence. Seing as how the station was still in the proccess of construction, there was no confrence table to sit at, but a make shift meeting area was arranged at the lounge. For much of the first half of the meeting it was normal Klingon grumbles about honor, and the weak Federation wanting to stop fighting for fear of loosing this war. Towards the end of the discussions it got nasty. The Klingons began making demands for key Federation territories, and the release of Key I.K.S prisoners. With the Federation refusing to meet these demands, the Klingons became more irrate. Then as expected, as the talks were breaking down the shipment of tribbles not only arrived, but due to some one loosing a snack in the cages, the tribbles bread to the point of their travel cage bursting about the station. This threw the Klingons into a frenzy! They cried insult and dishonor to them for the attrocity. Although most weapons were confiscated apon arrival, the klingons always had a knack for being resorsful in a fight. Hiden knives were pulled, and parts from their uniforms were put together to construct make shift disruptor pistols. A fight began, the Klingons escapted, but not before injuring a few of Socratain's Security offincers, and his tactical officer Man Grixx. Other stations security officers were injured as well. Their wounds were nothing to serious, which is saying something considering it was a fight with Klingons. After beaming out Three more Negh'var's and 5 Vorcha class ships decloaked in an attempt to over whelm the station. How ever not being a Stranger to combat and the Vitious nature of the Klingons, The U.S.S Tyco Breha, U.S.S Starchaser, U.S.S. Explorer, and having just entered the area the The U.S.S. Awesometastic, stood ready to confront the attack group. Knowing the history of all these ships, and not knowing that the crew of the U.S.S. Starchaser was some what lacking at this moment. For that serious Credit given to Chief of Logistics (Maria), Nox, Cam, Dima, and Mr Brot that was present at that time, for getting the Starchaser as Battle ready as It could have been. Facing this threat, the Klingons pulled the "Let this Serve as a warning" manuver. They warned that this was just an evaluation. They had no intention of peace, and would be back with a larger force, before cloaking and leaving.


After being cleared from medical and getting the Station cleaned up, Socrataine, the crew of the station and the ships all made their way back to their places of purpose. Then the crew of the station and ships get orders from Admiral Maletic, that the Commander of the U.S.S. Starchaser will be ariving shortly. And it will be at this time that all the Commanders will be briefed of the up comming Klingon force that was warned of.