"We've lost too much already. We cannot lose any more. Eventually, we will all need to put our differences aside and unite in opposition ot the Borg or anyone else who sows chaos and Destruction"

Captain of the Enterprise-F

As commander of Starfleet's flagship, Captain Shon is aware that for many he will be the face and voice of the Federation. His elevation to Captain of the Enterprise-F is a major event for his homeworld, and Andorians see this as a sign that they are returning to prominence in the universe.
Shon has a tendency to act out of emotion or compassion and then be forced to deal with the consequences. A tactical officer throughout his career, Shon has had to struggle to keep his temper in check, but he has learned how to put these emotions aside when the situation requires. He relies on his senior staff, particularly his first officer, to help him find alternative ways to deal with a situation or to present perspectives he hasn't considered.
A skilled ushaan-tor duelist, Shon frequently practices with his tactical officer Lieutenant Kyona or holodeck opponents to maintain his skills. He ha participated in four Ushaan combats, three times as a replacement combatant for a childless clanmate. Shon enjoys mountain-climbing, and will disappear to the holodeck to scale Andoria's Northern Reach or Mount McKinley when he needs to consider a problem without distractions.
The death of his wife and daughter in the Borg attack on Vega Colony changed Shon... Where once he was jovial and sought friends among his crew, he now prefers solitude. Shon has cut himself off from his remaining family and friends and devotes himself to his work. Whether he's fighting the Borg, the Klingons, or the Dominion, there's no time to dwell on his losses.
Shon believes in duty, honor, and the Federation... and is fiercely protective of all three.


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